Colours of liquid - chromotherapy

We are all influenced by the colour of our surroundings (i.e. the electromagnetic radiation that is represented by a specific wavelength). The colours around us are not insignificant, e.g. the colour of walls in our flat, the shades of our clothes, etc.

Chromotherapy, or colour treatment, consists of using different colours to sooth mental and physical unrest. It is difficult to explain the effect in medical terms, however we naturally sense the benefit of colour on us. Perhaps the light waves influence the speed and energy of chemical reactions in our bodies.

One thing is certain, healing with colours was popular in ancient China, India, and Egypt. As we reach back to natural healing techniques, chromotherapy is prominently regaining its rightful position among other beneficial practices.

colour of sand pictures

A brief look at our basic colours:

GREEN: is the colour of harmony and balance. Its effect on the nervous system is to relax and harmonize. It is recommended for people experiencing depression, suffering from nervous disorders and headaches. Other benefits include regulating the rhythm of the heart and liquidating the blockage of the arteries.

RED: is the colour of love. It warms, invigorates and increases sexual vitality. It also has beneficial influences on hepatitis, rheumatism, dandruff, and other skin diseases. It is also of benefit to many blood disorders. It is especially good for those with low blood pressure and allergies.

VIOLET: is beneficial to the nervous system and is perfect for creative people who are often in stressful and tense situations. It relieves insomnia, migraine headaches, and purifies the blood eliminating infectious illnesses.

ORANGE: is the colour of vitality and warmth. It has positive influences on the digestive and respiratory systems. It is also recommended for those with heart disease, asthma, bronchitis, and epilepsy. Orange increases optimism.

BLUE: it calms and soothes one’s emotional state of mind making sleep deep and relaxing. It is ideal for inflammatory and feverish conditions. In addition it helps aid throat problems.

YELLOW: is the colour of intellect and wisdom. It is inspiring and stimulating. Yellow regenerates the nervous system. It helps those with diabetes, indigestion, constipation, colds, and kidney ailments. It relieves eye tiredness and stinging.