Cooperation with BAZ-ART

We have been coopering with customers from three continents since 1990s. Since Polish accession to the European Union in 2004 the cooperation has been much easier. Untill that time most of our production was distributed by wholesalers. As new possibilities appeared we decided to forge direct cooperation with retailers. Since that time we managed to build our own network of recipients in a number of European countries. For this reason we are able to offer our products in good prices and we assist our customers by sharing our experience with them.

For the start of cooperation we usually suggest the purchase of two most popular sand pictures: P-010 and P-013. We lend a specially designed stand S-1, which increases the sale by attracting customers to a stall or a shop. It is also possible to emboss an inscription on the stands of these pictures (for example, the name of a tourist town or region). We are also able to emboss a small symbol, such as a shell, a boat, a seahorse or a symbol of a region or a town.

When you cooperate with our company, you do not need to order a big amount of goods at one time (for the whole season for example). We ship our products by UPS which allows our customer to replenish their supplies quickly and order additional pictures.

In order to receive information on prices, terms of cooperation and other issues that you are interested in, please fill in the form available here.


Adjustment of a sand picture