Sand pictures

Our company offers unique products in the gift and souvenir market, so-called moving sand pictures. Their specificity stems from their unique features. Owing to these, sand pictures have an incredible impact on people; even when the sand picture stands still it is very appealing. But that is nothing compared to what happens when we move it!

group of sand pictures, original gifts

Sand picutures and their influence

When moving down, the sand launches a whole range of effects. These special effects, in a direct way (the perception of aesthetic feelings, the observation of moving sand grains), as well as in an indirect way (by influencing our subconsciousness), conjure up unusual emotions in us all and, because of that, fascinate us regardless of our age and sex.

The sight of softly falling sand grains that form amazing pictures combined with carefully chosen colours of sand and water introduce the beholder into a blissful state of relaxation, relief and tranquillity. The emotional state induced by looking at our sand pictures has a great impact on your nervous system and consequently on your whole body. The fantastic unique patterns formed by the falling sand broadens your imagination and lets you make amazing associations and comparisons.

By virtue of all the above-mentioned merits, sand pictures are a perfect gift for any occasion and for everyone. 

Sand picture as a souvenir

An inscription embossed on the picture stand, consisting of any text to advertise the visited location, ensures that this article invariably arises high interest among the tourists. The above possibility of placing an advertising inscription on a stand transforms the sand picture into a promotional gift used by hotels, restaurants, various institutions, boarding houses, holiday houses, etc. We ensure that this souvenir will remind you for years to come about the place where you got it. 


The soft movement of sand grains falling in water combined with carefully chosen water colours introduce the beholder into a blissful state of relaxation, relief and tranquillity and have a great impact on their nervous system and consequently on their whole body. It is well known that carefully chosen sets of colours not only compliment interiors but, more importantly, have therapeutic effects. This method, known throughout the world as Chromotherapy is commonly used in many health and beauty treatment centres, fitness clubs and alternative medicine parlours. This version is recommended to every shop that offers articles related to complementary medicine.